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Hunter Jumper Shows and Blue Ribbons

Posted on Photoblog August 29, 2018

We have been spending most of our shooting time at the Gold Standard Stables a beautiful equine training facility for show horses and riders in Amherst, New Hampshire. GS3 as it is referred boards our horse Peter Pan "Neverland" a grey American Quarter Horse/Welsh mix. A show horse in the Hunter Jumper show ring for many years, "Petey" as he is affectionately known, had been retired from the ring for 2 years and has not shown for  awhile...up until this month. After several months of training and rider coaching by well know expert Equine Trainer, Tammy Hicock also trainer for the Northeastern University Equestrian Team  in Boston, MA, Tammy trained and coached both Petey and his Owner Annie Citarelli for the Hunter Jumper Show ring. Horse and Rider were entered into the   the New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Long Stirrup Division, at the Tack Shack, Fremont NH show on August 18, 2018. This was the very first show for Rider Annie Citarelli and  for Peter Pan "Neverland" (registered show name) coming out of retirement. Let the photos tell the story of this Teams' outcome!

NHHJA Tack Shack Show-Fremont NH 8-18-18

3x Number ONE Spot in Long Stirrup Division THREE Blue Ribbons Onto FINALS!

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