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Horse and Rider

Horse PeopleThere are "horse people" and then there is me!  I love horses but I don't know a thing about them.  I am a dog person. I can tell you anything about a dog, especially a Golden Retriever and Jack Russell Terriers. Ask me about a horse and I will just say that they are beautiful animals and one that I love to photograph...until now! My daughter Annie has always  had a love of horses since she was 7 as most 7 year old little girls do. Maybe it's from stories like Cinderella and Prince Charming, whatever  She has had numerous riding lessons through her childhood and off and on time spent at different barns in New Hampshire. Life gets busy for a child growing up especially in the pre-teen and teenager years. Time gets precious and hobby's like horseback riding get few and far between.  High school, college and career  made the distance of the horse riding dream even further out of reach until the career  has a salary that would make the dream a reality as it did for Annie. Finding the right barn, the right instructor and the income to purchase a horse and board it at the barn.Finding the right horse As I have said I am not a horse person nor am I involved in the "horse community" until now. Annie found the "right" horse! A beautiful grey Quarter/Welsh Cross horse. I am told they don't call a white horse white because a true white horse is actually an albino, hence the color grey. It all happened in the blink of an eye. Annie told her instructor Courtney that she wanted to buy a horse. Could she help her as Courtney is a very experienced "horse person."The horse communityCourtney not only is a true "horse person" but she is very connected in the "horse community". Through word of mouth and some referrals, Courtney heard that there was a riding facility owner looking to sell some of her horses due to a divorce situation. She and Annie went to see what horse/s were for sale. When they got there the Owner brought out the 2 horses, one a cute little pony named Simon and the grey horse named Peter. Annie immediately took a liking to Peter (aka Peter Pan "Neverland") and amazingly Peter took to Annie. That was it! Annie would be days away from owning her own horse, a dream come true.As the saying goes it was all meant to be. Call it the Universe aligned or higher powers but whatever you call it, it certainly can be called LOVE at first sight. Horse owners who sell their horse request that the name of the horse be kept. Annie did keep Peter's name as Peter Pan "Neverland" but she wanted to feel he is special to her so he now goes by the name Petey and everyone at the barn where he has his own stall loves him to pieces. That is the commonality one shares with a horse, call it spiritual, meant to be or a blessing from above. This horse is a very special horse, and I am becoming (slowly) a "horse person!"

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