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Donna Cotnoir

Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist

Welcome to our newest team member and partner, Donna Cotnoir, makeup artist extraordinaire! We are so excited to welcome Donna to our team and are honored to have her. We like our lighting to be natural and we like our clients to look natural and at their most beautiful! Donna has the ability to do both! Donna did the makeup and hair for all of the girls in my daughters bridal party and I knew then, we had to have her join our new studio venture!

Donna has  been a cosmetologist since 1983. She has a wonderful resume for doing  hair and makeup for numerous commercials, photo shoots, and weddings. Like us, who have photographed many Presidential candidates, celebrities and notable personalities,  Donna, too, has done hair and makeup for the same, as well as for Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. 




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I'm Glynis and I wasn't always a professional photographer! Well I was always an amateur photographer. I loved to take pictures with my old school Minolta 35mm film camera. I had that camera around my neck always! If I liked something I saw,  I took a photo of it! I knew nothing about photography, as you all know photography  today! I was self taught if you will. I was always photographing something so as they say practice does make perfect but I am not a perfect photographer. My inspiration, Annie Liebovitz was a perfect photographer! I tried to "copy" her style, read books and took photography and dark room classes in college. 


Hi!  I'm Glynis daughter and partner Annie. I never planned on being a partner of anything because when SweetShot was established I was 16 and a Junior in high school. I was taking some digital photography classes in high school never thinking I would be a partner in my own business certainly not at 16. I was more my Mom, Glynis' assistant helping at events, at the studio and just overall go to for anything from modeling for our portfolios, the light check and of course equipment pack up! Now 11 years later I am an Email Marketing Specialist for a major corporation but I still work at SweetShot and I still photograph when I am needed!

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