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Photography Services

We offer a boutique menu of services to the small to medium business, entrepreneurs and start ups.

We photograph your business brand and culture on location. Marketing, advertising and web design photography is what we do best for our clients. Some of the examples of our portfolio are in the commercial photography menu.


Product, Food  & Beverage, Food Styling, Fashion

Interiors, Exteriors, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Restaurant  and the Hospitality industry.

Many of SweetShot's commercial photography has been featured in magazine and print media for marketing and advertising as well as web design and print media. SweetShot is a frequent contributor to NH HOME magazine for our clients advertising and editorials. Many of SweetShot's photography has been seen in marketing and promotional material such as business annual reports, brochures, mass mail media and company social media.


SweetShot does offer their clients headshot photography in the studio or on location. Most of the Headshots we do is for political campaigns, business, web design and social media profiles. 


Corporate and Non-Profit Charitable Benefits, Private and Promotions

Political events both State and National 



We like to stress that we are not wedding photographers per se and only take small, intimate weddings. Our favorite type of weddings are with the  Justice of the Peace, Second Time Around  and Elopements. Our weddings are on a referral basis so that we are available to hire six months in advance, whereas most wedding photographers are booking for the next year. We are budget friendly and respect all budgets and will work with our wedding clients on any budget size. 

Meet the Team

SweetShot Photography also known as SweetShot Events & Media Design was founded by the Mother-Daughter team of Glynis and Annie Citarelli.

Glynis has been a hobbyist photographer since 1970 but after being a stay at home Mom, Glynis desired owning  her own business and  she took the plunge and opened her photography business when her daughters were in high school playing varsity field hockey.

Annie, at the time, was a sophomore in high school and had taken several photography and graphic design courses. Loving the visual art of photography combined with design, she started to work next to her Mom assisting and designing small projects. Together they decided to make photography and graphic design a business they both could do together. 

In business over 10 successful years, Annie has gone on to a career in marketing while still working closely with Glynis. SweetShot Photography has become so popular that business is now "word of mouth" and continues to grow their  client base to be one of the most sought after photographers in New Hampshire!

  • GLYNIS, Owner & Founder

    GLYNIS, Owner & Founder

  • ANNIE - Partner & Co-Founder

    ANNIE - Partner & Co-Founder

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