Stand Out Headshots

Stand out from the crowd! Why have a typical studio headshot when you can have a headshot that makes a statement and stands out from the rest!At SweetShot, headshots are not your average and typical posed headshot. If you are a musician, have a headshot that shouts out! Sitting in a posed "headshot" studio with the same old background used by the studio in an uncomfortable head position doesn't express who you are and what you do.

SweetShot headshots shout out and stand out because we know that you want to attract more clients, more business, more gigs.  Where do people learn more about you? On the social networks and your website. Don't get passed by because you fade into the crowd, but stand out with a unique headshot that tells the viewer what you really do and who you really are! SweetShot headshots get you noticed!

SweetShot group, staff, team and committee portraits are not your typical either. Let your team culture shine through and get noticed. SweetShot portraits are used on company websites, annual reports, brochures and any other media that your marketing team designs.

In conclusion, how important is your headshot really? VERY! You want to SHOUT OUT, hey look at me, I am the candidate you want for your company, business, restaurant, hotel, whatever the business is you are in.