You say tomatoes


The beginnings....

 Garden beginnings

A little over a month ago we posted a few shots of our garden in progress. We designed the raised beds in a 260 square foot area. Inside of the larger area we built 7 smaller raised beds all in different dimensions, that  I referred to as Phase 1 & 2 of our designer garden. The left image is the first picture of the completed construction. We were so late in the spring season (it's New England folks!) and had not completed the garden design until early June, we had the vegetables still in their pots waiting to be planted into the ground. We completed the design and immediately started planting. This was the beginning. We then started on Phase 2.

Garden Phase 2

Into the garden phase 2 and beyond

Phase 2 began in the middle of June, once we had the seedlings planted and fertilized. Phase 2 consisted of mulching, setting up the fencing and adding some garden embellishments. Pinwheels were added to keep away the birds and the deer even though the fencing is a durable black netting made specifically as a deer and bird deterrent. As you can see in this photo, the plants are growing and getting green. In the lower right corner of the image at right,  is my heirloom rhubarb that seems to enjoy the freedom of it's own spot. We have harvested it twice now since May!

Welcome to the Garden


The final touch-- the garden gate

What would a garden be without the garden gate! Our garden gate was hand made from cedar, with cedar posts and pine pickets. This project, (my favorite!) took a weekend to construct, by my daughter I might add. All with our own design, materials and with love. The slate walkway to the gate was made with old slate slabs from a 200 year old home on our Village Green. The beginning of the walk way is the blue gray slate then a step down to the multi-colored slate that was used in walkways and gardens many years ago. It completed the garden gate and is so welcoming. We embellished the gate with old birdhouses and American flags and a flag bunting for the 4th of July, and have decided to keep it up all summer.  All the vegetables from our garden were made and harvested in America, is what our gate is announcing!





::Welcome:: say tomatoes and I say cucumbers, green beans, lettuce and TOMATOES

Why, you are asking,  would an events and media photographer make a post on a garden. Simply put, the garden is an art form in of itself. Natures art, if you will, or I should say, gift. We can be creative in the garden. Embellish it, watch it grow and reap the rewards in a garden. We are going one step further however! I am a commercial food and real estate photographer, as well as an events photographer. I photograph many client kitchens, restaurants' food and interiors  and  food styling. Having a garden allows me to go beyond the end result in the kitchen and start in the garden to photograph the beginnings where my food photography all started. That is why I say "cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, kale AND tomatoes"!