You Say Potatoes I say

Gardening has become an art. Yes it always has been an art form to die hard gardeners, but now the design of the garden is artistic. Very much like a kitchen remodel, so is a garden. I am not an experienced gardener but I am an artist. I designed on paper how I wanted my garden to look both functionally and esthetically. I drafted my design as boxes without measurements just guesstimation! I gave the paper design to my husband who then recruited my talented, creative and very analytic daughter, Annie to go to work. This is what they did!

There are two phases to creating your dream garden.

  1. Phase 1

    The garden as you see it here, took three full weekends to design and build. The material we chose for durability is cedar. Here in New Hampshire, cedar is not so easy to come by. When  you do find it, it has a price, but is well worth it in the long run. We then brought in new loam was brought in and the boxes were filled. I had a design for the vegetables and each box is exclusive to the variety of vegetables we can grow up here in the North. Planted, fertilized, watered and caged, we are now ready for phase 2.

  2. Phase 2

    Mulching all of the walkways within the garden boxes. Mulch will help to keep the weeds out of the walks and help with drainage. This will make the garden boxes stand out even more. As the seedlings grow, inside each box will fill out. I will post progression photos in my next blog post.