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The garden started out a bit slow. The construction of the raised garden with seven beds and an open area for fruit like zucchini that like to spread, took five weekends to complete. Constructed in all natural cedar (a bit more money than pine and must be untreated) the construction of the site where the garden was being placed became a challenge at best! We prevailed and by the middle of June, two days before the official first day of summer on the 21st, we had a raised garden. We waited a week before planting seedlings to let the soil cultivate. Then the seedlings went in! Cukes, green and yellow beans, eggplant (white and purple), kale, swiss chard, bib and red lettuce, beets(!), bell peppers and tomatoes. In the smaller raised beds we planted herbs. We have harvested the cucumbers so many times we made dill pickles, the beets we pickled too. The herbs were harvested three times. Parsley, sweet basil, lemon balm, sage and chives, all flourishing. Disappointing is the tomatoes, green beans  and eggplant. They are coming in now, but with no robust.

As the images below show, the beets, peppers and some tomatoes did really well! Now I will go out and harvest some of the others and practice my food styling and photography on the fruits of our labor!