Not your Fathers' Car

Did the cover photo catch your attention? Did you want to click on the image to see what it was about? I bet the majority of hits were from the men! This is an example of how good imagery can create engagement on your blog or on social media. The images of the car below were taken by SweetShot for our client who wanted to sell his 2005 Mazda 6 with high mileage but in immaculate condition quickly. He wanted to take cell phone shots to post to Craigs List and we advised him that if he wanted to get this sold fast let us photograph it and if he sold it quickly we would take a percentage of the sale!

How photos of the Mazda 6 were shot

Photos were taken as they would at a dealership. Angle, color, interior and under the hood. The images below are just a few that were used in a non zealous, no Used Car Salesman approach as a Facebook post. Within two hours of the post, our client had several calls to look at the car and two test drives. Within in 2 days of the post it was sold for asking price! No Craigs' List necessary.

Photography is an important part of engagement on social media and for serious bloggers.

Stock photography that you download from the internet are good, but not as good as you can do yourself! Yes, you can, I promise! You don't need to be a professional and you don't have to be good at your cell phone camera. Purchase a point and shoot camera and go out and practice. Yes it would be great to hire me, but you can do just as good with half the equipment I own!

 Go out and photograph something that has something to do with your business or if you are a serious blogger...your blog.

Focus on the subject and look at it in different angles and lights. Have fun with it. Then download all of the photos you shot and you may be pleasantly surprised. That  image of that cupcake you just baked would make a perfect shot for your next blog post. You  grabbed your little camera and started shooting. That cupcake you just took 50 photos of and downloaded to your computer to just "see" were perfect! Better looking in fact,  than some of the food stylists on Pinterest that you are always pinning for ideas! Before you know it you are selling more cupcakes than you can bake. Like the car, never in his wildest dreams did he think he would get almost full asking price on a ten year old car with over 220,000 miles on it and touches of rust here and there! Don't let the mileage fool you! Just shoot!