Kitchen Photo Shoot

A newly remodeled kitchen project photo shoot and preparing the client. We had photographed a recent kitchen remodeled and it looks spectacular (the kitchen)! Our client, Liberty Hill Construction called me to  photograph the new kitchen project just completed for use in a portfolio and possibly for a magazine ad. Liberty Hill's marketing coordinator  schedules the photo shoot with their client. As the schedule shoot approaches, Liberty Hill contacts their client to confirm 2 days  before the shoot. What should the client do in those 2 days before the shoot. Here is some tips that I suggest to my client (Liberty Hill) to help their client (kitchen remodel client) to do to prepare for the shoot.

Remove the clutter.

Two hours before scheduled shoot, remove everything from the counters, island,  refrigerator (the notes that pile up on the front of the fridge) hide it all.  Your new kitchen now has more storage cabinets than you did before and they are great for hiding what shouldn't be there for the shoot. Clear the decks as they say.

Shine the granite, marble and stainless steel. 

Once you have cleared everything off the counters, put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and hide the appliances (toasters, mixers, coffee makers). Use Cinch spray and Bounty paper towels (our favorite quick cleaning products) or any of your favorite quick cleaners and wipe down the sink, cook top, the stove, the oven, counters, faucets anything that needs a shine. Dry any water from the sink and put away the sink dish drainer. Fingerprints and water droplets show through in close up shots.

Leave no "stone" unturned.

No pun intended. Pick up any throw rugs, pots, pans, coffee maker, half  filled bottles of wine, whatever is out that can be a deterrent to the detail of your kitchen. Vacuum or quick Swiffer the floors . We will be shooting detail work too, like the tile or hardwood floor, back splash, cabinets and yes faucets.  Fingerprints, grease or crumbs on any of them comes through in the photo.

Staging for the upcoming shoot.

Depending on the client, a professional Stager may come in to stage the room for the shoot and will provide the props. If this is not the case, the home owner can "stage" the room. Less is more, and simple is best. Leave out  2 place settings, 2 wine glasses, linen napkins, a wine bottle and if possible, fill the wine glasses with red wine.  Providing the clients' props such as  china, crystal, a bowl of fresh colorful fruits will give an interesting look but no more! We will use the props provided by the client and stage the room.

The images below are the most recent photo shoot of the kitchen. The last image is the actual magazine ad from a shoot we did last year. Look closely at the ad and you will see only a few interesting "props" were used.