SweetShot Photography in 2008 with her partner and daughter Annie. together they will photograph events or commercial photography specializing in food styling and product, website design or catalog real estate and interiors. Glynis' passion for photography spans four (4) decades, starting with her first "Brownie" camera in the late 1960's. Not always a professional photographer, Glynis was a hobbyist until her first digital camera was given to her for a milestone birthday ten (10) years ago. Glynis went on to open SweetShot in 2008 as a professional photography business. Her success comes from the exceptional way she captures a moment, but the trust she extends to her clients.

Annie is co-owner and partner with Glynis. A mother-daughter team since 2008 when Annie was in high school. A hobbyist photographer from the beginning, Annie took photography and media classes in high school and college and has developed into a up and coming media photographer and designer. A 2014 graduate with a Business of Science degree in Information Design and Corporate Communication from Bentley University, Annie has started her own business Pinash Design a media and digital marketing business. She continues her photography with SweetShot but has added videography to Pinash Designs' menu. Annie's success comes not only from her creativity but also from her entrepreneurial spirit.